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Homeschool Assistance and Tutoring

The bookworm studying a flowerThe Challenge of Homeschooling

Writing lesson plans can be daunting. How do you start? What are the differences between goals, objectives, competencies and standards? How much time should be spent on a topic? How much depth is expected?

These are the questions that challenge all teachers, including the parents attempting to homeschool their children. The unit plans and lesson plans are tools that answer those questions. They are forms that you fill out before you teach, giving you a guide for what to teach and how you will do it.

Other topics of interest to many homeschooling parents include understanding the national and state curricular standards, testing of various types, writing and giving tests, preparing projects for science fairs, teaching using the particular methods for science as well as teaching methods in general, and encouraging reading in the upper grade levels.

Of course, there are many subjects and even entire curricula taught online. Coaching students through these lessons keeps the student on-task and focused on learning, as well as providing the help with a difficult concept when student needs it. There are times when additional one-on-one tutoring is a great help.     

And of course, Valerie tutors numerous subjects. Valerie will also coach students who are taking online classes.

Contact Valerie for worksheets, lesson plans, unit plans, group workshops, group tutoring, or indivual sessions.

Wendy's rabbit by a fence drawingWhat can we do for you?

Valerie can assist you in both planning your homeschool curriculum, writing lessons, understanding lesson planning components, and teaching your child.

If you have enrolled your child in an online class or curriculum, Valerie can coach your child through the online sessions and/or tutor when additional help is needed in a lesson or a subject.

Valerie can also locate and/or design mini-lessons, worksheets, tests, practice tests, and more.

Want to organize your paperwork? Valerie can customize a database in Access that will store your lessons and print them as needed. In fact, the database Valerie used to generate her lesson plans when she taught school is available for sale.

Talk to Valerie about your needs.  She offers assistance whether just some advice, a one-time tutoring session, or a complex combination of tasks that suits your needs. Services are offered on a one-time basis or long-term, your choice.  Talk to her about what you need. She will customize a Project just for you and  give you an itemized estimate of the price. Billing is done by the Project. Ongoing coaching and tutoring is paid by the session.

Wendy's drawing of a baby elephantTutoring

Of course, Valerie tutors and/or coaches students taking an online course or curriculum. She works with the sudent in your home or a local library. Such face-to-face lessons are limited to areas within 30 miles of Sweeny, TX. No contract is necessary and tutoring is paid by the session. A small travel fee is included in the hourly rate. Rates range from $20/hr to $35/hr, depending on travel distance. Click here for a list of subjects she tutors.

Wendy's Picket Fence OwlHow Qualified is Valerie Coskrey?

Valerie is a retired school teacher with an M.Ed. and a Cert. of Ed. Spec. from the LSU campuses. She even spent some time working on a doctorate in education, but never wrote a dissertation.

Valerie has taught student teachers at LSU how to write unit plans and lesson plans. She can teach you to do the same.

She has worked as an intructor at MSCW, a Mississippi college, where she taught both semesters of freshman biology and the associated biology labs. While at LSU before that, she taught biology labs and secondary science methods.

As a secondary science teacher, she taught grades 7-12 sciences, including chemistry, physics, most biological sciences, and the earth sciences. She often carried 4 distinctly different preparations per year and was responsible for the labs and the equipment.

Valerie has been tutoring for many years now. She has tutored math from grades 1-9,  chemistry, physics, writing and vocabulary in SAT Prep, and using computers. She is qualified through life experiences and a joy of reading to teach numerous other subjects, including coding simple websites in HTML5 and CSS3.  When she tutored for Wyzant, she passed qualifying tests for numerous subjects.   

Wendy's painting Fluffy CatContact Valerie or Just Stay in Touch

Think you could use our services? Contact Valerie by email, call or text (979)248-9450.

Coskrey Biz is also on Facebook, but does not check it for messages often. Please call, text or email.