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These are some projects of Coskrey Biz.

The Dark Angel Turned Away ebook
The Dark AngelTurned Away
© 2019
Standing Tall and Looking Good ebook
Standing Tall andLooking Good
© 2018
Murder Playlist ebook
Murder Playlist
© 2019
(techno thriller)
book coming soon
Grace with Meals
(memoir) &
Light and Airy
work on computer
images & art,
& editing,
also books
published to
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The Company

Coskrey Biz is our small business. Most of the work is done by us, the owners, Valerie and Wayne. Some work is contracted to other freelancers. We are located in Sweeny, Texas, about 25 minutes from the beach.

The Coskreys

Being a retired teacher, Valerie does the academic word processing, the tutoring, the majority of the editing, proofreading, writing, and some minor photo processing. as well as anything else an educator might be asked to do as a freelancer.

Having taught high school sciences, Valerie has tutored for years, for ages 6-26. She has written blogs for clients, and writes 3 blogs of her own. She is a published poet and has an article sold through to an online site.

Wayne is a trained artist, graphics artist, and is pretty good with image processing. He is responsible for the cover art on Coskrey Biz's  published books, and sold a cover years before Coskrey Biz began, when he was repairing computers.

Coskrey Biz the Publisher

Together Valerie and Wayne have published--as Coskrey Biz--2 ebook/paperback sets and an ebook for our clients. In each case, Coskrey Biz has edited, inserted photos, processessed the manuscript for publishing, proofread, provided the cover art, and published the books to Kindle KDP. Our satisfied clients have us working on other books and essays. In fact, we expect to publish another ebook before the end of 2019 and another in early in 2020.

Stay in Touch

Follow our authors and other clients on the Books and Authors blog. Here you can also follow the release of new publications. Also, our authors have author pages. Coskrey Biz is also on Facebook.

Think you could use our services? Contact Valerie.  

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