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Privacy Policy

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This is a privacy policy for the websites http://www.coskrey-biz.com, http://www.vforteachers.com, http://www.multifacetsvc.coskrey-biz.com and http://www.dirtpoorbook.coskrey-biz.com.

This is also the privacy policy for the additional sites and blogs listed in http://www.multifacetsvc.coskey-biz.com.

This policy is effective from 02nd of April 2006 and was last updated here the 30th of June, 2014.

Contact Information

Our homepage on the Internet is located at http://www.vforteachers.com, the primary site; at http://www.multifacetsvc.coskrey-biz.com, Valerie's summary site; and http://www.coskrey-biz.com, the freelance services site of both Wayne and Valerie.

New Address

Valerie and Wayne Coskrey
504 N. Fig St.
Sweeny, TX 77480

You may contact us by e-mail at valeriecoskrey@ gmail.com
You may contact us by phone on (979)248-9450.

Dispute Resolution

Disputes will be handled by our customer service representative.
Our customer service will promptly correct any errors.

Data Collection

When visiting Web sites certain information about you and your computer can sometimes be collected. This section explains what information Valerie Coskrey collects, and how it is used.

We do collect a minimal amount of identifiable data about our visitors: name, username, and email address collected by forum and blog users and email subscribers. Additionally, a minimal amount of information will we provided to us by PayPal about purchasers of products sold by the PayPal shopping cart at



and at buy now buttons throughout the additional sites, especially at the pages where our presentation template designs are sold. With the addition of several websites, these pages are now numerous.

Many of our BuyNow buttons link to PayPal via Payloadz.com. Payloadz.com is a download site for delivering our Template Design Set products. Other BuyNow buttons will link directly to PayPal.

Payloadz.com might collect information or set a cookie to enable them to deliver the downloadable you purchase from us. You will be billed by PayPal.com and sent to Payloadz.com to receive your download.

Payloadz.com will also administer our affiliate program. Should you elect to advertise our downloadable products, you will be submitting information to us at http://www.payloadz.com. Read more about our affilliate program at http://www.multifacetsvc.coskrey-biz.com

In addition, we include some of our designs on CafePress.com products. These products are sold through the CafePress.com site, which collects information from purchasers according to the CafePress.com policy terms. The products are sold by us through our CafePress.com estores and through separate image buttons that will take you to our CafePress.com estore. CafePress.com reports minimal information concerning customer identity back to the store owner. There is enough information reported that a newsletter can be emailed to a purchaser.

Affiliates for products sold through CafePress.com estores should register as a CafePress.com affiliate publisher as instructed by CafePress.com. We welcome your publishing ads for our products as a CafePress.com affiliate. Each of our CafePress.com stores are listed at Multifacet Services pages of the Coskrey-Biz website.

We are also affiliates of CafePress.com, and post products from other CafePress.com estores not ours. Again, it will be CafePress.com that will collect the data according to their terms. Look for the ads that link you directly to our CafePress.com estores whenever you visit our pages that sells CafePress.com products. CafePress.com affiliate links have been removed from any of our products and ads dealing with our own CafePress.com estores. (Currently [10/08], CafePress.com does not allow us to use their affiliate links to own products.)

This information (your submitted customer data, forum participant information, or blog comment data) is collected only by the voluntary entry of information by the site visitor and is used only in managing newsletter subscriptions, normal business accounting, and product management practices. Feel free to email me to unsubscribe to any newsletter mailing.

Forum entries are moderated, and only those entries that meet common rules of acceptable forum practice are allowed. Our blogs are located at Blogspot.com, although we plan to develop blogs at 1and1.com, connect to our blogs via LiveJournal.com and Zimbio.com ezine formats. Only the blogs at Blogspot.com and those within the domains of our websites hosted at 1and1.com carry our affiliate creatives and sell our products. (In the future, our social network pages might do so.) We extend our cookie, privacy and other policies to cover these blogs and our social network pages. (Should we join Ning, this applies to the ones belonging to us. We do not govern the pages and posting of other network members. The same applies to Google+.)

I will send newsletters to anyone who provides an email address through the purchase of an item, newsletter sign-up by newsletter link or email contact, or blog/forum participation with indication of receiving the newsletter. A simple request to unsubscribe will remove one from the newsletter mailing list.

Newsletters are potentially available through 1and1.com, our webhost and through CafePress.com, our estore provider for many of our physical products. Each has different newsletter and email management policies and procedures. Ultimately, we authorize the sending of our newsletters, the content of our newsletters, and the mailing list. Our blogs are attached to Feedburner.com for visitor counts and RSS. We also have connected most web pages to Google Analytics. It is possible that their other services will be used in the future.


Anything purchased through the URL

http://www.vforteachers.com/forteachers_shoppingcart.htm or http://www.vforteachers.com/template_artistry.htm

or any BuyNow button on any of the sites listed at Multifacet Services as our webpage,

except these: social network pages and postings not written by Valerie Coskrey or MultifacetedVal or multifacet-val or Multifacet Services or other identity that I have developed for that network; our CafePress.com stores or other estores that have policies and cookies that are governed by the hosting site,


will be purchased using a PayPal account that will request personal information such as name, email address, and mailing address that will be sent to me in confirmation of purchase. This site is my PayPal shopping cart and sells only products for which I am the primary merchant. There would be no cookies from this purchase except the temporary one set by PayPal that expires at the end of the transaction.

We are affiliate advertisers for many online merchants. Therefore many of the items we display for sale on pages will take you to the merchant site, as will the advertising banners. As stated below, these links set cookies for the merchant we advertise.

We do not use cookies on our Web site. However, you will be directed to reputable merchant sites to buy many of our advertised products. These merchants will set cookies that will credit Valerie Coskrey with the commission for the sale. The username, account number or other identifying code in the cookie referring back to Valerie Coskrey differs with different merchant/affiliate networks. Some of the cookies are useful for several months, some only for a few days or hours.

A word about cookies: Many of the products sold here will be purchased through the shopping carts of another merchant site, the actual provider of the products. These providers will use cookies to track the purchase back to this site of mine. These cookies are how I get credit for the sale. Please allow these cookies. They should last from a few hours to 60 days (some website developer merchandise last up to 6 months), depending on the providing merchant. --Valerie

A word about scripts and iframes: Some of our affilliate ads are in script and iframe forms. Please trust my sites and know that I have personally chosen what ads to post and products to advertise. Also, we have posted Amazon a-store on our sites. These are reached as iframes and as html links. Should you choose to block scripts and frames, these links and creatives become unavailable to you, and consequently the commissions become unavailable to me. Much of my site is ecommerce.

Much of my site is information that I believe will be useful to homeschool families, school students and parents, and teachers, including the products that I choose to advertise. I hope you enjoy the informative nature of articles posted and the images included. I hope you will try the Template Design Sets, both the free downloads and the ones for purchase.

Do use the forums, blogs, contact link to give us feedback. We welcome your input.

We also invite you to submit articles that you would like to include under your byline. I will gladly build a page for your article if I feel it fits our site. I do reserve the right of editor to determine what can be included. We want to know about teacher stuff and links to teacher stuff and hope you will email us with new information, product suggestions, product critiques, downloadable forms and documents, lessons, etc. We add designs by other artists to our Template Design Sets and can work out arrangements to sell your sets or ebooks or lessons with you subject to our editorial approval.

Freelance work contracted through these sites or through BizReef.com are assured of our confidentiality work quality in the same manner.


Another disclosure must be made. Google and Amazon both use the affiliate links I post to determine the browsing and shopping habits of anyone who clicks on the links. They do this to enhance the shopping experience of their customers, featuring items on their sites that they consider preferable by you. All affiliates of these reputable companies have been asked to disclose the use of cookies and algorithms by these companies to analyze the customer's browsing and shopping behaviors.

Thank you for visiting our site. Feel free to contact Valerie with any questions or problems.

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